W-Series Warning Signs

Warning Signs are used to warn traffic of potentially hazardous conditions. Warning signs advise of conditions which require caution on the part of the driver, and may call for a reduction in speed in the interest of the driver’s safety and that of other road users.

In general, warning signs are diamond shaped (square with one corner vertical) with a black legend or symbol, or both, and black border on a yellow reflectorized background.

The W8 series signs are used in conjunction with other signs in the warning series to supplement and clarify the message conveyed and are generally rectangular in shape.

As warning signs are placed primarily for the protection of the driver who is unfamiliar with current road conditions, it is important that care be exercised in the siting of such signs.

Sign placement should generally be well in advance of the hazard, at a distance that permits the driver ample time after first viewing the sign to heed the warning. The actual advance warning distance will be determined by such factors as legibility of the sign, nature of the hazard and the prevailing speed.

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