D-Series Directional Hazard Signs

D-Series Directional Signs also Known Hazard Markers are used to signify a marked change in the direction of traffic flow and the presence and width of an obstruction.

Hazard markers may be used to highlight the start of a channelising island, median or separator, and on the central island of a roundabout in order to direct traffic past or around such an obstruction.

Rectangular in shape, hazard markers generally consist of a series of black and white bands of either diagonal strips where only a target is required, or chevrons, where directional as well as target properties are required.

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Typically, there are 4 types of hazard marker:-

1. Uni-directional Hazard Marker
   Used to guide approaching traffic to the direction indicated by the chevrons i.e. to the left of right as required.

2. Bi-directional Hazard Marker
    Used to delineate the nose of an island or other obstruction where traffic may pass the obstruction on either side.

3. Width Marker
    Normally erected in pairs, one on either side of a vertical obstruction facing in the direction of traffic flow.

4. Obstruction Markers
    Used to delineate obstructions such as road closures or obstructions above the road.

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